“Words to Lift By” – A Poem for Kaitlyn Webb, Bob Gold & Associates

October 20, 2020 Roxanne Leone 0
By Bob Gold, Principal   Heroes are all around us. Kaitlyn Webb is one of my heroes. As a key employee at Bob Gold & Associates, she brings an entrepreneur's spirit to every...

Bob Gold & Associates Claims the #16th Spot Among Highest-Rated B2B Firms in California Rated by Clutch

September 23, 2020 Roxanne Leone 0
The selected leaders are considered the best in their specific fields. WASHINGTON, DC - September 21, 2020 – Clutch, a leading market research firm based in Washington, DC announced the 500 Leader Award winners from California.   While Silicon Valley continues to be a global tech hub, the industry is thriving across the state. Los Angeles holds the spot for the city with the second-highest tech employment(link is external) in the country.   In order to select Leader Award winners, Clutch looks into each company’s industry expertise and ability to deliver. This includes their services offered, social media presence, and brand reputation.   Read through the leaders here.

Bob Gold & Associates Takes Their Spot in PRNEWS’ “Agency Elite Top 100”

September 9, 2020 Kaitlyn Webb 0
Bob Gold & Associates has been selected as one of the top Public Relations Agencies in PRNEWS' Agency Elite Top 100 - the only guide dedicated to the most innovative PR & communications firms in the business.   BG&A has launched or grown more than 20 TV sports networks, numerous streaming services, many major cable TV operators, vendors and associations. We've most recently expanded our services and capabilities to offer Online Reputation Management and Bankruptcy & Crisis Communications.   The latter is led by Bob Gold and longtime litigation communications expert, Paul Jacobson of Denver-based SilversJacobson. Additionally, BG&A has expanded the WIN PR Group, which offers technology businesses global reach through a partnership of like-minded, owner-managed agencies.

Four Critical Communications Considerations for Bankruptcy

September 2, 2020 Roxanne Leone 0
By Bob Gold, Principal   Tell a Clear Story That Assuages Fears and Provides Hope   There’s no question that filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy is a difficult challenge. However, with a sound communications strategy executed by a knowledgeable PR agency or comms professional, you can emerge with your brand intact and strong customer and vendor relations, positioning your company to successfully move forward.   First off, bankruptcy communications are done hand in hand with the legal team. It must start there. It is also not unusual for PR pros to have to serve as expert witnesses in the court. Importantly, the legal team needs to trust the PR team and vice versa, because most lawyers believe all communications should be reserved for the court, and PR pros, on the other hand, believe that transparent and clear information will improve outcomes and set the company up for success. However, these two groups must work together smoothly, or both will be fighting a battle that is unnecessary and fruitless.   Secondly, when planning your bankruptcy communications strategy take a deep dive to completely understand the situation from every perspective. Ask questions of the company leadership and understand what led to the bankruptcy, ask more questions, meet with the attorneys and all leadership who are involved in the saving of the company.   Thirdly, know it is crucial that a set of master documents is prepared, and that everyone from attorneys to key staff are in alignment on the key messaging, communications roadmap, and timeline. This is not a situation to be taken lightly. The company is literally in deep litigation with its debtors. Many times, executives take their eye off the business while trying to save the company in court. This must be avoided at all costs. At the end of the day, the PR team’s role is to be reassuring, calm, and suggest the way forward with a strong commitment to ensuring consistent internal and external communications.   Fourth, know that the same communication is not applicable to everyone affected. There are multiple strands to a good bankruptcy communications strategy that includes external information for shareholders, customers, and vendors; internal messaging for staff at all levels and especially those in sales and customer service and, of course, good outreach to relevant trade and business press.   Each audience should be communicated with in a clear and appropriate manner. For instance, customers and vendors should receive direct letters from the CEO and when appropriate informational decks and e-brochures should be initiated to help tell the story.   For employees, especially public facing staff including sales and customer service, documents including FAQs, escalation protocols, and clear policies around social media and emails are imperative. Importantly you need to keep a steady watch on internal communications, so ALL employees are singing from the same hymnal. It is well worth the extra effort to ensure that they are on board with and understand the key messaging.   For news, industry and business media, you’ll want a rollout plan consisting of news releases to be issued on a wire service, executive bylines and briefings for all relevant reporters, and publications when the time is right.   I believe that ALL business is the business of relationships. Rebuilding trust requires having the same resonating message come from at least three separate sources/channels in close timing so that the message “sticks” with intended audiences. One-off messaging is simply and easily forgotten.   Bankruptcy is a process. Because there are many kinds of bankruptcies that all fall under similar codes – most consumers are confused by the term. And while it can be liquidation, in most instances it is the company and organization saying, “we will make new financial decisions and begin a new model to maintain the business.”   Because of COVID-19, we are expecting the largest number of bankruptcies in history, even surpassing the Great Depression. It is also anticipated that numerous municipalities, county, and state governments will face bankruptcy, in addition to non-profits, cultural institutions, and of course for-profit businesses of all sizes. Courts will be overloaded, media will become overwhelmed with news announcements unable to report on any claims under a certain size, and many, many folks will be let down, frustrated and depressed.    The only way forward is for public relations professional to provide important services that allow the company to tell a clear story, assuage fears, and help provide hope in the form of reasonable exit strategies that are easy to understand.

Bob Gold & Associates Ranks 14 on O’Dwyer’s 2020 Top LA PR Firms

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O'Dwyer's has been conducting its PR firm rankings for 49 years. Rankings measure counseling and media contact services, not advertising or production expenses.    See the complete list of Public Relations Agencies here. See all Bob Gold & Associates awards & highlights here.

Bob Gold & Associates Ranks 42 on O’Dwyer’s 2020 Top Technology PR Firms

August 17, 2020 Roxanne Leone 0
The companies listed on O'Dwyer's offer tools and support for public relations and marketing professionals striving to get their clients' messages delivered to the public and target audiences. From the best in media relations, crisis communications, content creation, bankruptcy communications and PR by industry you can count on O'Dwyer's listings by specialty.   See complete list here.   See all Bob Gold & Associates awards & highlights here.  

“Words to Lift By” – A Poem for Jeff Baumgartner, Light Reading

August 17, 2020 Roxanne Leone 0
By Bob Gold, Principal   There are reporters and editors whose views are simply critical for technology companies to flourish. Jeff Baumgartner is to cable technology what sugar is to cake. We just need him and his insights or something is just missing? Light Reading is lucky to have him. Here is “Words to Lift By” a poem for Jeff Baumgartner.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4VMYoOkvPk&t=8s For more information regarding our service offering in media & analyst relations, special events & trade shows, and owned and paid media please contact us.

Bob Gold & Associates Ranks 16 on O’Dwyer’s 2020 Top Entertainment PR Firms

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Only O'Dwyer's ranks PR firms by 19 specialties. The firms on this list have broken out their net fees for accounts classified as entertainment PR.   See complete list here.   See all Bob Gold & Associates awards & highlights here.

“Marketing Champions” with Bob Gold from Bob Gold & Associates

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Lee Goff interviews Bob Gold, principal of Bob Gold & Associates to discuss what makes Bob Gold & Associates unique, the importance of building relationships and why the agency offers guaranteed results in every public relations contract.   See full Q&A @ BluHorn.   BluHorn Media Planning and Buying Software is an affordable, easy-to-use tool that advertising agencies, media buyers/planners, and digital media directors and strategists use to plan media, buy media, analyze media, report media, and reconcile programmatic, digital and traditional media buys.

Bob Gold & Associates Ranks 124 on O’Dwyer’s 2020 Top US PR Firms

August 14, 2020 Roxanne Leone 0
O'Dwyer's has connected companies with the best PR firms in the industry since 1968. We have ranked over 100 of the top PR firms in the U.S.   See complete list here. See all Bob Gold & Associates awards & highlights here.
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