Women’s History Month Feature – Week 4

March 24, 2021 Beth Braen 0
In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re highlighting the female members of the Bob Gold & Associates team. For the week 3 Q&A, we’re featuring Amy Prenner. Consumer and Entertainment Strategist Amy Prenner shares...

Televisionation Friday Fireside: Bob Gold Talks to The iTV Doctor about Surviving Covid-19

March 1, 2021 Roxanne Leone 0
"Pain is the fuel for progress," says Bob Gold, Principal, Bob Gold & Associates.   On Televisionation's Friday Fireside, Bob Gold, Founder and President of Bob Gold & Associates, shares his story of surviving Covid-19 which, as Rick Howe observes, “scared the s*#t out of Bob's friends!” Speaking with his customary humanity and humor, Bob gives a first-hand perspective on what it means these days to simply be alive.     [embed]https://vimeo.com/516942148[/embed]     Televisionation: Friday Fireside features Rick Howe, The iTV Doctor, in conversation with prominent figures from the advanced-TV/video industry.

Manhattan West’s CEO, Lorenzo Esparza, Speaks with 1080 KRLD About the Economic Outlook After Covid-19

February 25, 2021 Roxanne Leone 0
Lorenzo Esparza, of Manhattan West Asset Management, never banks on conventional beliefs or engages in groupthink. While many economists are predicting 5% growth in the economy in 2021, Lorenzo is sticking with his prediction of 2-3% this year.     Lorenzo Esparza is the Chief Executive Officer and Founding Principal at Manhattan West where he leveraged his legal, corporate, and financial experience to form the modern version of an investment firm. Based in Los Angeles, the independent financial solutions company offers a variety of customized financial services for Private Wealth Clients throughout the U.S. including business management, insurance, and tax in addition to in house investment management.  As an asset management firm, the company offers proprietary alternative investments across multiple asset classes including Venture Capital, Private Equity, Real Estate, Private Debt and traditional equity and fixed income portfolios.    Listen to Esparza and news anchor, John Liddle, of 1080 KRLD discuss the outlook for the economy post-coronavirus with the radio clip below.  

Advocado Ripens Platform to Boost Cross-Platform Ads

February 3, 2021 Roxanne Leone 0
Identifies when spots air to trigger search   Published in Broadcasting & Cable February 3, 2021 Advocado, a St Louis-based data and analytics company said it can not only measure the impact of TV advertising, but increase it by launching short-burst cross-platform campaigns as commercials air.   The name Advocado is a play on the notion that it can find that exact moment when an advertising opportunity is perfectly ripe, like the agonizingly brief interval between when an avocado is too hard and when it turns mushy.   Advocado said it has upgraded its platform, enabling new capabilities including analytics, attribution and advanced applications.   Advocado’s technology starts with the VEIL watermarking system used to identify when and where a client’s TV commercials actually run.   “Our primary idea was how do we use television signal data through the watermark to drive Google search campaigns,” said CEO Brian Handrigan.    Handrigan said he thinks it funny that spent most of his career in digital adverting and that now “may life is helping to make linear TV a lot more relevant.”   The relevance gets a boost because Advocado uses the watermarks on its clients’ TV commercials as a trigger to start buying relevant Google keywords after the ad runs. For complete article, visit Broadcasting & Cable.

Bob Gold & Associates Ranks 16 on O’Dwyer’s 2020 Top Entertainment PR Firms

August 16, 2020 Roxanne Leone 0
Only O'Dwyer's ranks PR firms by 19 specialties. The firms on this list have broken out their net fees for accounts classified as entertainment PR.   See complete list here.   See all Bob Gold & Associates awards & highlights here.

“Words to Lift By” – A Poem for Becky Jones, Viamedia

August 13, 2020 Roxanne Leone 0
By Bob Gold, Principal   A powerhouse change agent who resides in Kentucky and has never stopped believing in or empowering the folks at Viamedia. Becky Jones is a friend and we have an unending appreciation for all she does - always with grace and kindness. Here is “Words to Lift By” a poem for Becky Jones.   https://youtu.be/lgJDUbKLW5U?list=PLWRdnZxbRzbAbLRbxsScSSUFJsZBjKNzj For more information regarding our service offering in public relations and crisis communications please contact us, or check out our Viamedia case study on reinvigorating a corporate brand under fire.

“Words to Lift By” – A Poem for Charlie Weiss, NATPE

August 13, 2020 Roxanne Leone 0
By Bob Gold, Principal   What key professional skills does it take to be a publisher of major entertainment industry trade publications? What are the most important attributes a content trade association can offer to grow its audience? Charlie embodies the best of whatever it takes to connect communities with critical information and to provide a platform for growth. He is doing it for?NATPE. Here is “Words to Lift By” a poem for Charlie Weiss.   https://youtu.be/y0pkFt79vSw?list=PLWRdnZxbRzbAbLRbxsScSSUFJsZBjKNzj For more information regarding our service offering in media & analyst relations, special events & trade shows, and owned and paid media please contact us.

Words to Lift By – A Poem for Frank Liwall, The Royalty Network

August 13, 2020 Roxanne Leone 0
By Bob Gold, Principal   Some people dream of being part of the music industry. Frank Liwall made it happen. Today, The Royalty Network, Inc. represents over 700,000 compositions. His diverse clients ranged from Burt Bacharach to Run The Jewels. I think of Frank as an exquisite interpreter. One who listens and responds in the language of the artist and the brand allowing agencies and music supervisors to achieve the sound required to set the mood, define the product, and engage the audience. Here is “Words to Lift By” a poem for Frank Liwall.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XTgI9NzLMtI For more information regarding our service offering in public relations, crisis communications, and social media, please contact us.

“Words to Lift By” – A Poem for Jason Morris, Corning Optical Communications

August 13, 2020 Roxanne Leone 0
By Bob Gold, Principal     Our team at Bob Gold & Associates has had the sublime pleasure of working with and watching a terrific professional grow and bloom into an amazing executive. Jason Morris represents the best of what Corning Optical Communications is all about. Here is “Words to Lift By” a poem for Jason Morris.     https://youtu.be/WrpOSaQPAgA?list=PLWRdnZxbRzbAbLRbxsScSSUFJsZBjKNzj For more information regarding our service offering in public relations, special events & trade shows, and content creation, please contact us.  

“Words to Lift By” – A Poem for Jana Henthorn, The Cable Center

August 13, 2020 Roxanne Leone 0
By Bob Gold, Principal   Year after year, Jana Henthorn continues to elevate The Cable Center. The center's Intrapreneurship Academy (IA) is a cornerstone to further train and empower rising industry executives because we all need to continue learning how to innovate while being flexible. Jana leads an extraordinary team and if you are looking to meet anyone in the telecom industry she probably already knows them. Here is “Words to Lift By” a poem for Jana Henthorn.     https://youtu.be/A-iU0K7oqWE?list=PLWRdnZxbRzbAbLRbxsScSSUFJsZBjKNzj To view client awards for The Cable Center click here.   For more information regarding our service offering in securing publicity, special events & trade shows, and awards and recognition, please contact us.
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