Top Tech Trends at NAB 2024: Navigate the Future with Insight

February 21, 2024 Beth Braen
Top Tech Trends at NAB 2024 - Bob Gold & Associates
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In an era where technology evolves at breakneck speed, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for companies looking to make a mark. As we approach NAB 2024, Bob Gold & Associates (BG&A) has pinpointed several key tech trends that are shaping the future of the broadcasting and media industry. For any company attending or exhibiting, understanding these trends is not just about keeping up; it’s about seizing opportunities and overcoming challenges. Here’s a look at what to watch for:


5G, Edge and Advanced Connectivity

The rollout of 5G networks is ushering in a new era of ultra-fast, reliable connectivity, enabling innovations like never before. This means the ability to stream high-quality video content with extremely low latency, enhancing live events and remote productions. Understanding and leveraging 5G and edge can help broadcasters, media companies, communications service providers (CSPs), and others deliver content more effectively and provide superior experiences to their audiences.


Cloud-based Production and Distribution

Cloud technology enables more flexible, scalable, and cost-effective production and distribution workflows. With the ability to collaborate and access content from anywhere, cloud-based solutions are a game-changer for remote teams and decentralized productions. Embracing the cloud can improve agility, reduce costs and make operations more resilient.


AI and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are revolutionizing content creation, distribution and monetization. From automated editing to personalized content recommendations, these technologies offer ways to streamline operations and tailor experiences to individual preferences. Companies that stay ahead in AI will improve efficiency, enhance customer satisfaction and gain a competitive edge in content delivery.


Immersive Experiences

Virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) are transforming storytelling and audience engagement, offering immersive experiences that were once the stuff of science fiction. This means a golden opportunity to create captivating, interactive content that stands out. Incorporating VR/AR into video services can differentiate a brand, drive engagement and open new revenue streams.


Blockchain and Content Security

Blockchain technology is increasingly becoming a vital tool for ensuring content security and intellectual property rights in the digital age. It offers a transparent, immutable ledger for content transactions, enabling creators and distributors to protect and monetize their work more effectively. Understanding blockchain’s potential means not only enhancing content security but also exploring new models for content distribution and monetization. Embracing blockchain can help safeguard creations, foster trust with audiences and open up innovative avenues for revenue generation.


Sustainability in Tech

Sustainability is becoming a critical consideration in tech, with an increasing focus on eco-friendly production practices and reducing carbon footprints. Adopting sustainable technologies is not just about corporate responsibility; it’s also about meeting consumer demand for greener options and future-proofing business operations against regulatory changes.


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In today’s competitive media landscape, clearly articulating your innovations and their relevance to current trends is crucial for securing visibility and coverage. Our expertise in crafting compelling narratives and executing strategic PR campaigns ensures your message resonates with your target audience, driving engagement and business growth.


As you prepare for NAB 2024, consider how these trends impact your business and how you can leverage them to your advantage. With BG&A as your PR partner, you’ll have the support you need to highlight your latest advancements, engage your audience, and truly stand out in a crowded market. Let’s make NAB 2024 your most successful event yet.

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