Advocado Ripens Platform to Boost Cross-Platform Ads

February 3, 2021 Roxanne Leone 0

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Identifies when spots air to trigger search


Published in Broadcasting & Cable February 3, 2021

Advocado, a St Louis-based data and analytics company said it can not only measure the impact of TV advertising, but increase it by launching short-burst cross-platform campaigns as commercials air.


The name Advocado is a play on the notion that it can find that exact moment when an advertising opportunity is perfectly ripe, like the agonizingly brief interval between when an avocado is too hard and when it turns mushy.


Advocado said it has upgraded its platform, enabling new capabilities including analytics, attribution and advanced applications.


Advocado’s technology starts with the VEIL watermarking system used to identify when and where a client’s TV commercials actually run.


“Our primary idea was how do we use television signal data through the watermark to drive Google search campaigns,” said CEO Brian Handrigan. 


Handrigan said he thinks it funny that spent most of his career in digital adverting and that now “may life is helping to make linear TV a lot more relevant.”


The relevance gets a boost because Advocado uses the watermarks on its clients’ TV commercials as a trigger to start buying relevant Google keywords after the ad runs.

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