EPIK Partners with Linden Lab, the creator of Second Life to Bring Popular Comic Book Publisher Zenoscope Universe to Life Inside the Metaverse

August 23, 2021 Beth Braen 0
EPIK Partners with Linden Lab
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Linden Research, Inc. (“Linden Lab”), the creator of Second Life, and comic book publisher Zenescope Entertainment, in conjunction with leading digital licensing agency, Epik, recently announced they have partnered to bring the dark and twisted Grimm’s Universe to life as the Zenescope Metaverse inside Second Life.


This marks the first time a Zenescope property has been realized inside a virtual world, and the first phase of an on-going partnership with Linden Lab that will introduce new content over time. Zenescope and Second Life are just the latest additions to an ever-growing list of world leading brands, IP owners and game developers in Epik’s partner ecosystem, which includes ViacomCBS, Warner Music, Universal Music Group, Tencent, Garena, and many more.


Fans can interact with and play as some of the classic fairytale characters popularized by Zenescope’s comic books and graphic novels, acting out scenarios and following different storylines within a 3-D online virtual world.

Visitors will find plenty of iconic locations and other nods to Zenescope heroes and villains, including Rockman’s Ice Cream shop from Belle’s series, and a fully-playable Goblin Golf course. The immersive world is full of games, hidden surprises, and exclusive virtual collectibles and merchandise found only in Second Life.

The Zenescope Metaverse inside Second Life features…

  • familiar Cindy, Belle, and Mad Hatter character costumes and avatars,
  • multiple scenarios and storylines to follow,
  • more than 50 exclusive virtual collectibles and branded merchandise items, including clothing, furnishings, and the fan-favorite Cheshire cat plushie,
  • games and activities like the fully playable Goblin Golf and the Mad Hatter’s Hedge Maze, complete with trophies,
  • a clandestine quest, hidden locations, and other secrets.


For more on this exciting new experience watch Right This Minute interview with Zenescope Co-founder Ralph Tedesco and character Cinderella Monroe

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