Bob Gold & Associates Strike Gold in Clutch’s 2019 Ranking Report as Leading Public Relations Agency

June 18, 2019 Roxanne Leone 0

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Bob Gold & Associates (BG&A) is a results-driven, boutique-sized agency headquartered in Southern California with a trusted global PR network supporting international campaigns. The BG&A team specializes in public relations and digital media to craft persuasive communication strategies that ensure your message is delivered accurately, at the right place, at the right time. With more than a 20-year history of relationship-building, our agency brings instant credibility to your business and provides unparalleled services to tell your story and generate results that you’ll be proud of. Whether you are a start-up, Fortune 500 firm, or content creator, we will enhance your unique brand story and secure more buzz for your budget.

BG&A is proud to announce that we have been named by Clutch as the 4th best crisis communications PR firms and 3rd boutique PR firms in the Industry. These rankings come from their 2019 report in which they featured only the highest performing companies on their platform.

Clutch is a B2B ratings and reviews firm that ranks companies according to a number of criteria including how well they’re reviewed by their past clients, market share, and ability to deliver. The web platform at is intended to allow users to see how businesses and solutions compare in a specific market and discover industry insights from thought leaders.

This recognition carries a heavy weight, as we have achieved a position in the top 15 firms out of over 800 on each list, thus placing us on the Clutch leader’s matrix.

The leader’s matrix is based off of a company’s ability to deliver and industry focus. Ability to Deliver includes the company’s client reviews, past work, market presence, and prestigious awards. Focus is a company’s level of specialization in a given service.

Of all the methods used to evaluate a company, Clutch places the most emphasis on conducting verified interviews with former clients. These reviews take place over the phone to ensure the integrity and honesty of responses. Once the clients share their feedback, Clutch Analysts compile the information into a clear and concise fashion and then publish the review to the company’s profile page.

This type of feedback helps our team identify what our clients appreciate most about our work, or in other words, what practices we should continue in our daily processes; and what behavior needs improvement. Our reviews have been positive so far; however, we are excited to see what our clients will share with us in the future and are eager to improve our methodologies.

Our team is thankful to have a platform like Clutch to help promote our business and convey our competence and honestly to potential clients. We’re excited to receive more constructive feedback with every subsequent review published on Clutch and our team will continue to operate with complete transparency to ensure your success!


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