Social Media for Business: Developing Brands and Customer Care

March 10, 2020 BG&A Staff
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By Roxanne Leone, Director, Marketing & Communications 

With many of today’s content marketing programs measured by total sales – its not surprising that 70% of marketers are actively investing in content. Whether they are creating blogs, white papers, and social posts or focusing efforts on video or podcasting, the key is to develop informative and entertaining content to support a business goal.  


Today’s public relations and marketing agencies are evolving and it’s critical that we develop and deliver on an integrated marketing program based off the PESO model— earned, shared, owned, and paid media. With three billion people on social media globally, it’s an integral part of every organization’s success.  


Marketers are no longer alone in this journey to grow sales and meet the needs of prospects and customers  social media now impacts many departments across the organization and by selling stories versus products, you can improve your bottom line.  


PR is marketing, sales and customer service and this is how we meet the needs of our clients. 

Humanize your brand 

Public relations professionals are in the business of relationshipsbecause people respond to people. That’s why we guide our clients to humanize their brand and share a compelling story. You could be sharing original content, curated content, or a combination of the two—but what’s important is that whatever you say is relatable to your audience. Shareable content will prove to be a winner for yousales, marketing and customer care teams!  

Connect with media 

Businesses use social media to help prospects and customers connect to your core values as well as interact with bloggers and journalists who are consistently putting out content relevant to your industry. And, with quality, earned media placements you can equip your colleagues with third party endorsements and have additional content to help build out your social media calendar.  

Develop More Video 

Video marketing is now the #1 form of media used in today’s content strategies. We get the most traction for our clients when we incorporate video. For example, a technology client hosted their own “Curated Conversation and Cocktails” event at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show, and we edited the raw footage of panel speakers into short clips to promote and distribute on various social media channels. This helped highlight key aspects of the eventdrive corporate messages across social media, and engaged those unable to attend. 

Improve Customer Service 

Many marketers are finding themselves working hand in hand with customer care teams to ensure their corporate strategies are aligned to get the most out of social media. Why? Social platforms, especially Twitter and Facebook, are great avenues to witness interactive dialogue between organizations and individuals. From time to time, you’ll encounter a displeased customer on social media. Many communications teams have a crisis management plan in place to react quickly to content that could affect their reputation negatively. 


If your social media team is still working in silo, it’s time to maximize your entire teams productivity and results by building synergy across departments. Sharing vision and respect for each other’s role will help your PR and marketing teams justify their social media budget and improve customer service, which could ultimately be the game-changer in closing a sale. 

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