VIAMEDIA’S QTT® Launches Data-Driven Linear TV Marketplace

August 30, 2021 Beth Braen
VIAMEDIA’S QTT® Launches Data-Driven Linear TV Marketplace
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AdTech innovator, QTT, Viamedia’s cloud-based television advertising platform, has launched a marketplace to enable automated activation of data-driven linear video advertising inventory, without changing existing workflows or technologies. QTT Marketplace is an open-platform destination for advertisers and agencies accustomed to digital platforms to directly access a wealth of premium, curated local and national television inventory – and for television inventory owners to tap more directly into the rapidly growing digital ad pool.


Initial TV participants include A+E Networks, FOX, Reelz with Magnite the first participating SSP.


“The last mile to activate linear TV advertising through existing digital platforms is finally here,” said John Piccone, president of QTT.


The launch follows the completion of a family of QTT patents delivering seminal steps in the integration of the pan-device digital and linear television advertising ecosystems.


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