Zenimal, LLC: Zenimal Launches Consumer Electronics Meditation Device for Kids

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Founded in 2017, Zenimal offers a kid-friendly, easy-to-use device to bring mindfulness into everyday life that is portable and screen-free. With five years invested in research and development, the sole entrepreneur was anxiously preparing to bring this new meditation device, Zenimal Kidz, to market.

With quality and function being her top priority, her go-to-market product launch strategy was lacking a final pricing model, logistics/distribution, and branding. The founder did not want to rely on social media and/or influencers to drive her brand and asked for an alternative strategy. For Zenimal to compete with the more than 1,300 apps dedicated to mindfulness and meditation already crowding the marketplace, Zenimal required an integrated marketing plan to gain consumer and media exposure for this unknown wellness product.

Zenimal engaged Bob Gold & Associates (BG&A), a local media relations agency, to develop a 3-pronged strategic plan that included building a robust e-commerce website, researching, writing, and editing marketing materials that could live on the site and beyond; and showing a social media presence.

We documented our KPI’s and held weekly conference calls to discuss deliverables, deadlines, and manufacturing updates. BG&A became an extension of the founder’s team and

  • conducted a comprehensive website audit to assess content and keywords, analyze design and imagery, review lead generation tactics, find on-page SEO problems, and improve visibility of social media references
  • recommended and hired an affordable photographer and art-directed a lifestyle talent photoshoot to build a library of assets that aligned with branding and messaging guidelines
  • collaborated with founder & CEO to craft voice, tone, and messaging for use across all mediums (print, digital, packaging, and events)
  • initiated a social media calendar and drafted examples of shareable posts for Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn to increase website traffic
  • managed the project to ensure it was completed on time and on budget

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