Increase Your Sales Pipeline

Build trust with your audience and increase new business opportunities. We deliver budget-conscious, integrated campaigns that ensure engagement and success.

Bob Gold & Associates develops cutting-edge digital and print campaigns from websites to videos to lead-generating whitepaper and webinar campaigns. Our full-service marketing team is experienced in making animated banners, interactive web pages and digital content, ensuring everything is trackable and measurable. Best of all, we mirror our efforts across the most popular social media platforms including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and others.

We have recently expanded into mobile platforms, technologies and apps, from download to the fast growing social media video app, LIKE.

Owned and Paid Media

We are the experts in earned media. We are also proven experts in guiding and negotiating campaigns that work hand-in-hand with your marketing team to get the best prices in digital, broadcast and print advertising (yes, print is not dead!). We can save you money no matter what you spend on paid placements and better still we deliver the ROI planned for each buy.

Website & Landing Page Development

We can help you design and develop an attractive and functional website or landing pages to showcase your brand and message that will increase repeat visits. Some of our clients include Plume; Cisco; Penthera; and Ooyala, among others.

We produce numerous events for our clients, and that means we create easy to approve and access registration pages that are a standard part of our planning and execution process.

Social Media Built with Your Voice

We take the time to capture your voice with interviews, research and a deep understanding of your goals before we ever draft the first post. We provide a weekly or monthly calendar of editorial content for you to use, or that we can implement. We also determine together the right blend of social channels to reach your audience. Together we can help you build trust and respect with your followers by quickly responding to their comments

Let’s Get Started

“It’s so rare to see someone who is so well deserving actually be recognized.”

- Paul S Maxwell, CEO, Media-Max Advisors