Ooyala Showcases Integrated Video Platform Solutions At NAB 2017, Solving Today’s Modern Video Challenges

April 6, 2017 Chris Huppertz
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Ooyala Showcases Integrated Video Platform Solutions At NAB 2017, Solving Today’s Modern Video Challenges
 Ooyala’s full set of solutions automate video workflows, reduce human error, provide full visibility into video operations, while minimizing costs and maximizing revenue

Ooyala, a global provider of video monetization technology and services, will showcase the full breadth of its video solutions for media and entertainment companies at the NAB Show 2017 in Las Vegas, April 22 – 27 in stand SV1000, outside the North Hall in the Silver Lot.

With its full set of offerings, Ooyala is leading the way towards delivering a fully Integrated Video Platform (IVP) specifically to meet the needs of today’s modern media content owners and production companies. With a common data set to drive insights and inform strategies, IVP is the next generation of OVP, evolving well beyond online video platform capabilities to deliver sophisticated solutions to understand the costs and return-on-investment of video content.

“Publishing video online today is a rather mundane task, but building a sustainable business model around online video is a totally different animal,” said Frost and Sullivan Senior Director, Mukul Krishna. “IVPs, or Integrated Video Platforms, better reflect the new demands placed on the traditional OVP. An Integrated Video Platform extends traditional OVPs capabilities to include functionality to meet challenges spanning production, distribution and monetization.”

Ooyala Flex, the company’s versatile and customizable solution for video production and distribution workflows is designed to get content to market faster. It is a cornerstone in Ooyala’s transformation into an IVP, complementing its full set of product offerings across ad tech, analytics and video platform solutions.

With Ooyala Flex’s tight integration with the Ooyala video platform, the solutions can streamline the entire process from creation to syndication and ultimately distribution across devices. Content owners have complete control over their operations, as well as insights into video performance and audience engagement. By combining Ooyala solutions customers are able to:

  • Sync metadata across Ooyala Flex and Ooyala’s video platform, simplifying asset search and management
  • Transform assets into any format in Ooyala Flex for distribution to any device with Ooyala’s video platform
  • Automate transcoding, packaging and syndication using Ooyala Flex to get content in front of audiences faster
  • Leverage metadata from Ooyala Flex for more personalized content recommendations with Ooyala Discovery, driving higher audience engagement and monetization
  • Understand video performance across properties with Ooyala IQ to inform future content production decisions and distribution strategies
  • Benefit from a single provider, versus many, supplying all solutions with aligned roadmaps and integrations

“Ooyala Flex customers see significant time savings throughout their media operations, with some reducing project delivery times by more than 75%. Customers are realizing the return as Ooyala Flex connects silos and integrates systems, teams and processes, providing greater efficiencies and visibility into bottlenecks that are costing time and money,” said Ooyala Co-founder and SVP of Products and Solutions, Belsasar Lepe.

He added, “Using simple APIs, Ooyala Flex acts as an integration layer connecting nearly any existing production system or software together, whether on-premise or cloud-based. This includes integrations with Adobe for editorial needs, Microsoft Azure for storage, and tailored integrations with Pebble Beach Systems for broadcast playout, along with a host of other commonly used solutions.”

Throughout the NAB Show, Ooyala is hosting as well as presenting in a variety of events highlighting new research and discussing industry trends, including:

  • Sports 2.0: The New Rules of Fan Engagement— Monday, April 24, 3-3:35pm PST, N262/N264: Ooyala will join the NAB stage with Akamai, Associated Press, NBC Sports Digital and Twitch to discuss the evolution of sports viewing and how audiences prefer to engage with their favorite teams today.
  • Finding the Fit for IP in Media Operations — Tuesday, April 25, 8am PST, Booth SV1000: Led by the DPP, this panel will include speakers from BT Sport, PBS and Ooyala to discuss the parts of the media supply chain that benefit most from IP, and where broadcast and media companies are seeing the highest ROI.
  • Party Till The Sun Goes Down, sponsored by Telstra — Tuesday, April 25, 4pm PST, Booth SV1000: Ooyala’s annual party in the parking lot with live music and industry networking.
  • TV Advertising & The Survival of Buyer & Seller Relationships — Wednesday, April 26, 8am PST, Booth SV1000: Led by Beet.TV, this panel will discuss how OTT offers untapped opportunities for TV providers, the rise of programmatic, and why maintaining strong relationships between TV ad buyers and sellers is key to success.

“Finding the Fit for IP in Media Operations,” “Party Till The Sun Goes Down” and “TV Advertising & The Survival of Buyer & Seller Relationships” are all invite-only events. Please contact events@ooyala.com if interested in attending.

Ooyala will provide demos at NAB 2017, including:

  • Ooyala Pulse – Ooyala’s holistic sell-side video advertising platform, combining the ad server and programmatic trading platforms, designed exclusively for media companies and publishers to make smarter, more lucrative ad decisions. Plus, Ooyala Pulse Unlock, its client-side ad-reinsertion technology. With rich data and analytics, Ooyala Pulse provides unique, real-time insights through customizable reports to improve forecasting and decision-making, while enabling clients to pivot in real-time as a campaign runs.
  • Ooyala Video Platform Solutions – Ooyala’s full set of video technology includes live streaming; live server-side ad insertion (Live SSAI) for seamless TV-like playback and ad-block prevention; its award-winning analytics product, Ooyala IQ; customizable HTML5 player; Ooyala AppStudio for getting OTT apps to market quickly; as well as Ooyala’s full back-end management system and services. At the heart of Ooyala’s video solutions is big data, empowering customers with a complete view of video performance and audience behavior to help strategically distribute video content and maximize ROI.


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