Using Storytelling to Win (Or How I Learned to Love Mass Disruption)

September 26, 2018 Roxanne Leone 0
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By Bob Gold

Today, data can be mined for insights, but also confused as noise. For example, we just did general consumer audience research about a streaming feature. Guess what? Nearly 40 percent of the respondents told us they don’t use a streaming service. But later told us they used Netflix. Oh.


So, it’s not just my brain that’s in data overload. I know, I know … that’s life. And while no one ever said life would be easy, the truth is it seems like it’s never been tougher for company messages to be heard above the noise.


Data has always been around us, between us, connecting us. But we haven’t done a great job of monitoring and gathering data until this era. IBM, for example, says that 90 percent of the world’s data was created in the last two years, at 2.5 quintillion bytes of data a day! And it’s only increasing exponentially.


The real question, IMHO, is not what to do with the data – but how any executive in our space can break through the clutter of it all to tell a meaningful story about how their company leverages technology to unlock opportunities.


In our information-saturated age, business leaders “won’t be heard unless they’re telling stories,” says Nick Morgan, author of Power Cues. Here’s the kicker: It’s more than just a story, if it’s told as a personal experience. That’s why case studies are so powerful.


Last year we pitched an interview with an executive who had no news but had some strong opinions about the streaming space. He predicted that Netflix would change its model and introduce downloading. A trade reporter and a business reporter snapped at the opportunity to talk to our executive. Best of all, their stories appeared within hours of each other, and that helped take the story global – we had over 10 million views!




I know that most CEOs I speak with tell me their growth strategy is comprised of creating a better technology. For them, technology holds the key to unlocking a competitive advantage that will elevate the company to the next level.




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