SVG On Demand: Advancing Hollywood and Sports Tech Innovation – A SVG Panel Conversation with Cisco

December 6, 2018 Robert Brownlie 0
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Execs from The Walt Disney Company, SWR, Arena TV, and Cisco share their vision for the future of video workflow



At this year’s IBC Show, SVG partnered with Cisco on a panel discussion looking at the future of video technology in the worlds of sports and entertainment.

The session dove into examples of how major media organizations from around the globe in terms of how they transmit and archive important video assets on a cloud-based network, how much focous and resources are dedicated to security, how automated IP networking for live broadcasting open new opportunities, how AI, AR, and VR will play a key role in the business, and much more.


The conversation featured:

Benjamin Havey, VP, Technology Innovation at The Walt Disney Studios

Markus Ostertag, Director of Engineering and Production at SWR

Dafydd Rees, Deputy Director of Operations at Arena TV

Roger Sherwood, Global Director Media & Entertainment at Cisco

The discussion was moderated by Brandon Costa, Director of Digital at SVG.

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