Meeting Tech Staffing Challenges By Reframing the Talent Search

January 18, 2022 Beth Braen
Tech Staffing Challenges
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In this era of fast-moving business transformation and tech development – such as AI, IoT and big data – business leaders need to rethink not only how they work but who they work with and how they build a team. To guarantee success, it’s time to reframe the talent search.


Just as cloud infrastructure has rapidly changed the way storage is managed and services are deployed, organizations of all types can benefit from a new concept for implementing tech talent, akin to the rapid scalability and flexibility seen in cloud technology — a cloud of people. This begins by breaking down old approaches to hiring, streamlining HR processes to quickly build quality teams at scale and mitigate risk and adopting new tools and workflows to support collaboration from anywhere.


Max Nirenberg, Managing Director North America and CRO for global tech services company Commit recently shared his insights with the HRChat podcast and Forbes on the solutions to the challenges of hiring and retaining top tech talent.


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