We are specialists in making the most of every conference, trade show and speaking opportunity by placing your brand, products and services alongside potential and current clients, partners and decision makers.

Speaking Engagements

We proactively research speaking engagements that will place your executives at critical events. Before you speak, we prep each spokesperson in advance and offer media and presentation training, to ensure you are spotlight ready.

Media and Analyst Engagement

With a limited pool of reporters and analysts at every trade show, we get you meetings with the right reporters and analysts and we staff them too in order to make sure everything you said is accurate and everything they need is followed up on.

Conference Sponsorships & Trade Advertising

From speaking opportunities and sponsorship’s to digital and print advertising, we consider every opportunity to best deliver your message. To quote Dolly Levy from Hello Dolly, “Money is like manure, you have to spread it around to make things grow.”

Let’s Get Started

“Congratulations on the terrific PRSA-LA Prism award! You are surely deserving!”

- Matthew M Polka, President and CEO, ACA Connects