All business is the business of relationships. Our personal relationships with reporters, editors, publishers and analysts is deep and wide from trade magazines to business media and broadcast TV.

Media and Analyst Relations

We are all in the content generation business. We’ll keep you top of mind and your executives will be asked for interviews and to showcase their knowledge at conferences.


We are expert in securing stories. We have a nose for news.

Crisis Communications

Bob Gold & Associates offers our clients custom reputation strategies to tackle crises head on. Whether you’re scrambling in a crisis, creating or putting a crisis communications plan in place, or just need to know how to talk to your employees, customers and the world outside your door, we are here for you. We’ll assess the situation, offer a clear perspective and guide you to consider all angles.

Awards and Recognition

Go ahead show off your Blue Ribbon. We’ll help you win it too.

Let’s Get Started

“No one deserves a PRSA-LA Prism Award more than you! You've made everyone and every company successful.”

- Maggie Bellville, Principal at M Bellville and Associates