Viamedia: Reinvigorating a Corporate Brand Under Fire

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When TV industry innovator Mark Lieberman took over as CEO of Viamedia, the leading independent provider of cable TV ad representation services, the company was coming off a series of competitive reversals that ultimately led to a major lawsuit with industry giant, Comcast. He retained Bob Gold & Associates (BG&A) to provide public relations services who worked closely with the company with the objective of solidifying, and strengthening, its industry reputation and to help stabilize and, ultimately, grow its client base.

BG&A’s integrated campaign tactics included not only news releases, but case studies, bylined columns, surveys, interviews, and securing industry honors. BG&A also mined available Viamedia data to create news-related opportunities, ranging from red vs. blue state political advertising graphics that ran in major trades. BG&A worked to position Viamedia as a technology innovator and thought leader, on the evolution of TV advertising generally and of political advertising – a crucial category.

In the two years BG&A and Viamedia worked together, we have secured significant non-paid interviews and original earned story placements in the Wall Street Journal and other major business and trade media outlets. In addition to numerous honors, we secured Lieberman’s induction into the prestigious Cable Pioneers.

Viamedia Vertical: Reinvigorating a Corporate Brand Under Fire

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