Penthera: Lightning in a Bottle – $10 Million In News Coverage

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Penthera supports video providers worldwide to improve the mobile video experience for their users. Their software is deployed across 62 million devices in 26 countries, and clients include leading entertainment, news, and fitness brands including HBO, Showtime, Fox, CBS, Beachbody, Cinepolis, and Globo.

Penthera turned to Bob Gold & Associates (BG&A), an O’Dwyer’s top-ranked tech pr firm in Los Angeles, to help get the start-up maker of video download-to-go software better known. We advised the client to speak to bigger issues in the space, specifically opining on whether streaming video giant Netflix would reverse its oft-stated position that it would never allow consumers to download content.

We booked a briefing with a well-followed trade reporter, positioning our client as a well-informed insider who predicted that Netflix would adopt downloading by the end of the year. We stressed the news value of this interview above and beyond that of a background interview: the reporter treated it as a major story.

The resulting trade story immediately caught the attention of a reporter from Fortune, who also interviewed the client and found him so credible, he wrote a story based on the Netflix prediction. The two stories ran the same day and together were repeated globally in multiple languages and outlets , earning the client more than $10 million in global publicity.

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