Canoe Ventures: Perception Audit Helps Executives Invest Strategically

Case Study Image

Canoe Ventures delivers on-demand cable spots to 38 million TV subscribers of Comcast, Charter Spectrum, and Cox, under its Service Assurance banner. 

Bob Gold & Associates (BG&A) developed a 5-minute perception audit not to exceed 15 questions to conduct market research both on-line and via telephone interviews. The goal was simple – to document perceptions of the company and of its Service Assurance program.  

Based on our findings, BG&A was able to share a set of recommendations on how to capitalize on the results. We were able to identify how Canoe could leverage the trust it built in the VOD (videoondemandspace into this new OTT (over-the-top) industry. This research helped Canoe better strategize where to invest and which initiatives were not a priority. 

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