Guaranteed Results in a Time of Corporate Crisis

Whether facing financial restructuring, changes in corporate management, reorganization, downsizings or filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy, companies are often in uncharted territory and need the support of professionals with specific knowledge to guide them along the way.

Understanding the challenges faced by a company in bankruptcy, as well as the procedures involved in a bankruptcy proceeding, is critical to the formulation of an effective Chapter 11 bankruptcy communications strategy.

We are expert at taking the “crisis” out of bankruptcy for your constituencies.

That’s because, at Bob Gold & Associates we believe that an effective crisis response is an opportunity to build and maintain a quality relationship with all stakeholders including investors, customers, employees, vendors and press. By developing a crisis communications plan specific to each situation and working closely with law firms and our clients throughout the bankruptcy and restructuring process we help ensure successful outcomes and build hope and optimism. An effective communications strategy is the key to preserving the value of an enterprise and its assets, while positioning the company for success after emerging from bankruptcy.

Bob Gold & Associates has over 20 years’ experience managing winning publicity, communications and marketing initiatives and our diverse crisis and bankruptcy PR experts have experience in multiple industries including entertainment, media, technology, banking, energy and more. We are flexible and adaptable, able to provide your in-house team with the support needed in order to respond quickly, calmly and consistently during the entire bankruptcy process.

Our Services include:

• Crisis Response Support
• Message Development and Media Training
• Social Media Monitoring
• Press/Media Relations
• Investor Relations
• Content Creation

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“Congratulations on your recent award with PRSA-LA. We are very much pleased to have met you via our network and look forward to our future projects.”

- Metka Silar Sturm, Corporate Communications Manager, NiceLabel