Your Strategic Partner in a Time of Corporate Crisis

Crisis Communications

Reputation under attack? Employees posting things they shouldn’t? Bob Gold & Associates offers our clients custom strategies to tackle crises head on. Whether you’re scrambling in a crisis, creating or putting a crisis communications plan in place, or just need to know how to talk to your employees, customers and the world outside your door, we are here for you. We’ll assess the situation, offer a clear perspective and guide you to consider all angles. We will help you develop a plan for communicating with your customers, partners, public and press in an appropriate and timely manner.

Reputation Management

Your reputation can drive growth and be used as a competitive advantage. We are prepared to manage your company’s messaging and tone, driving content, conversation and relevance. Nothing ever goes live without your approval.At the end of every day, the most important and valuable asset is your reputation. Let us ensure yours is always gold.

Let’s Get Started

“Congratulations on your recent award with PRSA-LA. We are very much pleased to have met you via our network and look forward to our future projects.”

- Metka Silar Sturm, Corporate Communications Manager, NiceLabel