Television Network: Helping To Sell A Lifestyle Tv Network In Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

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A lifestyle television network featuring food and wine, home and design, travel, health, and art had launched to fanfare as a provider of lifestyle programming in high-net-worth markets such as Nantucket and Telluride. It ran into difficulties keeping costs in line with dwindling ad revenue. Its founders filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and were committed to ensuring that investors, customers, employees, partners, and media were informed and engaged with their business.

We were tasked with helping management communicate an orderly Chapter 11 process. It was crucial that the company emphasize that operations were continuing with minimal disruption and that the company and its programming continued to enjoy strong brand identification in all their markets.

Well-managed press coverage of the bankruptcy procedure attracted more bidders.  The organization’s assets emerged from bankruptcy to an even higher offer leading to a successful transaction that exceeded the founders’ initial expectations.

Sales Approach

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