Anthem: New Acquisition Media Campaign Case Study

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Anthem Sports & Entertainment, a virtually unknown media entity, wanted to announce its purchase of Mark Cuban’s AXS TV to secure better cable carriage and ad sales. Anthem challenged Bob Gold & Associates (BG&A), a top-notch media relations agency, to develop a campaign simultaneously coinciding with the deal closing to position Anthem as an important new, nimble and growing content programmer with an expanding library of avid fan-based content. This information was repurposed for investor and employee communications as well.

During the 5 months leading up to the acquisition news, BG&A developed a media kit, FAQ’s and messaging. Based in Toronto, Anthem had a plethora of media contacts in wrestling, but fell far short in having relationships with business, cable TV, music or advertising reporters. BG&A also conducted a website audit and oversaw a site refresh to improve its content presentation. BG&A elevated Anthem’s corporate identity and thoroughly trained executives for press briefings and speaking opportunities.

BG&A secured multiple speaking engagements at industry trade shows including Streaming Media, NYC Television Week and NATPE Miami. The acquisition news was well covered by media outlets. Anthem was positioned as an up-and-coming buyer of media properties – achieving greater contact from sellers.

BG&A exceeded its contracted deliverables within the engagement.

Anthem: New Acquisition Media Campaign Case Study

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