Anabela Savulescu

Associate Account Executive

Anabela is one of BG&A’s up-and-coming Account Executives, and a recent graduate from University of California, Santa Cruz, where she majored in literature and developed a strong mathematical and technical background.

Before joining our team, she worked at Caribbean Broadcast Network (CBN), a Los Angeles-based television broadcast network, where she gained invaluable experience in social media, communications, and graphic design. She has a passion for storytelling and bringing life to content across an ever-changing media landscape.

Anabela previously held a technical writing internship at LKK Group, where she honed many writing techniques and processes and produced a broad range of documentation for a content management system. This role strengthened her problem-solving and troubleshooting skills and allowed her the opportunity to work alongside subject matter experts to improve her writing and help showcase her ideas graphically as well.

Outside of the office, Anabela has a passion for night photography, foreign films, and everything music.

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