Supercharge Your B2B Public Relations By Maximizing the Power of Video

August 28, 2020 Anabela Savulescu 0

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The B2B world is a dynamic, exciting space where new partnerships, innovative research and success stories come to the surface every day. Finding a way to reflect the dynamic nature of B2B news can be key to building brand awareness and getting press to “see” you. Despite video being an invaluable digital marketing powerhouse, most B2B PR agencies are not maximizing its power to engage. If a picture is worth a thousand words imagine how much a video is worth!

The answer is a lot! In fact, according to Tubular Insights, 73% of B2B marketers say video positively impacts their ROI. It is among the most highly consumed and shared form of content; on social media alone, video gets shared 1200% more than text and images combined.

Personable, easily digestible, and opening new avenues for coverage, video’s powerful form is becoming a creative way to amplify your corporate PR strategy.

Here is how the team at Bob Gold & Associates has used video to gain critical attention and media coverage for our clients.

Beyond the Press Release: Putting a Face to News

Although technology is a booming space, B2B-focused content can be quite dry. Many tech companies lack “a face” alongside their releases or stories, making it difficult for media and future partners to feel a genuine connection.

That’s where video comes in. Creating a video campaign is a fantastic way to go beyond the press release and turbo-charge your key messages. Repurposing video captured from events or initiatives provides a steady stream of content that can be shared on social media to spotlight company executives, connect with partners and media, and ensure you are engaging your target audiences. We work collaboratively with clients like CISCO, whose trend-focused series, “Curated Conversations and Cocktails,” (now a staple across all trade shows where CISCO takes part) helps them break through the noise during industry conventions by tactically sharing their industry leadership via  video online and across social media.

More than anything, video spotlights executives and gives a human touch to their knowledge and industry expertise. For instance, Plume’s short perspective pieces shot during CES provide an amiable and authentic way to highlight new technologies and fresh topics like Smart Home 2.0, motion-enabled Wi-Fi, open-source software and more. ware and more.

Content like this is also strategic as it creates traction, helping to support placements and thought leadership articles across key industry trades publications. Clients become well-known industry experts instead of seeming like they “came out of nowhere.”
Spotlight Corporate Values and Have Important Conversations

To really get it right, you want B2B PR to go beyond self-promotion; video can help carve out an invaluable space for supporting core corporate values.

Specifically, video helps make important conversations not just shareable, but memorable; studies have shown that viewers retain 95% of a video’s message compared to 10% when reading text, making video a powerful tool for tackling difficult topics and creating lasting change.

Businesses can use video to raise awareness for causes and new initiatives, as Viamedia did with their anti-racism #ChangeStartsRightHere campaign. Change is a process that requires consistent action, and knowing this, Viamedia used video’s creative, emotionally appealing form to drive audiences to a new landing page. There, business owners could sign up for free airtime that would allow them to comment on the steps they were taking to fight racism. It is measures like these that use video in a profound way, showcasing a company’s commitment to core values and, most importantly, the actions undertaken to support them.

Amplify Your Message

At the core of public relations is a deep appreciation for trust and meaningful relationships. Thanks to video, those sentiments can be communicated easily. Engaging and holding infinite creative potential, video is an impressive way to amplify your appreciation for business partners, employees, and friends.We are living in turbulent times and corporate PR ignores this at their peril risking looking tone deaf or worse — uncaring. BG&A founder Bob Gold is using uplifting, original video to share his admiration on social media with “Words to Lift By.”  With this ongoing series, Bob has been able to turn a bleak situation into a positive one and amplify his message that kindness and compassion will get us through these unprecedented times.

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