Repurposing Content: Finding New Life for Your Best Work and Maximizing ROI

March 2, 2020 Roxanne Leone 0

By Roxanne Leone, Director, Marketing & Communications 


A study published by The Manifest documented that 62% percent of organizations with 5,000+ employees produce daily contentThat percentage drops drastically to 39% for small businesses with employees under 500. So, how do small teams keep up with competition and maximize the lifespan of existing content? 


I’m a team member at a boutique public relations agency based in Los Angeles specializing in content creation, and we help service our clients around the globe. I’m proud to tout that we’re part of the 78% of effective content marketers that use press release services in our content marketing strategy, but we don’t stop there. 


Many of our clients struggle with content management and thought leadership. They either have too much or too little information to work with. Regardless of the number of assets, they don’t know how to best utilize them – so they enlist a PR or content marketing agency to help in repurposing the content to penetrate new markets. 


Repurposing Worthwhile Content 


To kickoff many client engagementswe start by doing an audit of content to see what’s worth leveragingAs a collaborative effort with our clientswell review content based on quality, past audience engagement and timeliness of topicOur clients have achieved success with converting blog articles into bylines, slide decks into webinars and videosand sharing statistics from trend reports, original research or customer polls into shareable social media posts. 


For example, we’ve helped leverage case studies for a UK-based client by giving them new life when tailored for a U.S. audience. Based on prior media placements across the UK, my team already knew the content was solid, and we helped gain more exposure for their products and services. 


We also make it common practice to review our clients’ sales and marketing materials which provides insight into how they are addressing customer pain pointsFor example, with one clientwe effectively revamped popular sales presentation for their application into a video for use on the companys website. They had a clear mission to transform how the world accesses mobile video to ensure audiences can view all kinds of video content seamlessly when and where they want it. This video helped get that message across in a simple, easy to understand fashion. 


Getting It Right from the GetGo 


One of the hurdles I’ve seen PR professionals and marketers face is lack of timeThe clock is always ticking. Deadlines are always creeping upHowever, if you’re a firm believer in doing things right from the getgo, it’s bound to save both time and moolah in the long term. 


To develop informational, educational or inspirational content, you must return to the basics and put in the necessary time during preparation. For those seeking to do just that, here are some recommended guidelines: 

    • Define your objectives 
    • Understand your audience 
    • Review analytics 
    • Build your content calendar 
    • Draft your outline (including SEO keywords) 
    • Write and re-write 
    • Promote and distribute 


Repurposing content is great for both your bottom line and your content’s visibility. It’s a proven path you can take to maximize the lifespan of your content plus reap the benefits on investments you’ve already made. Charge ahead, you got this! 

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