Cable Company: Restoring Reputation During a Complex Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

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Corporate scandal that saw its CEO and CFO imprisoned rocked one of the nation’s largest cable companies which represented more than 5 million customers in 35 states. When the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy customers worried their TVs would go dark. Employees worried their paychecks would bounce. The national headlines shattered the reputations of the company and what was left of its management team.

Under bankruptcy court supervision an entirely new leadership team was recruited to fix the company, restore its operations, profitability and reputation, and emerge as a reorganized entity that maximized returns to creditors and was prepared to move forward or be sold. One of our team members served as senior communications advisors at the company. Over three years the company dramatically improved operations and product offerings and pursued aggressive communications programs with employees, trade and business media, and local community leaders while delicately managing media relations related to one of the most complex bankruptcies in U.S. history.

With the company’s operations restored and greatly improved and the reputation of its rescue management a prime factor, it was acquired by a combination of other leading cable companies for more than expected.

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