Ces: a curated conversation and cocktail party

The business of video: insider insights for going global

Ooyala welcomes Paramount Pictures and Needham & Company for a newsmaker conversation

las vegas

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Monday January 7 4:30 – 6:30 p.m.

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Piero’s italian cuisine across from the las vegas convention center north hall

355 Convention Center Drive, Las Vegas

Meet the experts

Laura Martin, CFA & CMT

Laura Martin, CFA & CMT

Senior Analyst, Needham & Company
Belsasar Lepe

Belsasar Lepe

Founder & CTO, Ooyala
Ted Schilowitz

Ted Schilowitz

Paramount Pictures
Jonathan Huberman

Jonathan Huberman

CEO, Ooyala
Guy Finley

Guy Finley

President, MESA

Join us for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres and leave with deep insights and a new game plan all before dinner!

A relentless stream of content is creating a tectonic shift in the business of video. Spiraling content costs make ROI more difficult. MESA President, Guy Finley will curate a vibrant newsmaker conversation.

Capturing the attention of a global audience is of paramount importance, but in order to scale from a niche to Netflix, organizations need to overcome a slew of barriers – from managing complex and fast-growing inventories of video to navigating evolving standards, devices, business models and platforms. Thriving in today’s on-demand world means entirely reinventing the current delivery model, disrupting everything from sports to Hollywood.

Topics to be explored

Going global

How do you go global? Don’t tastes and interests vary from culture to culture? How can services scale from a niche to Netflix? And how can sports grow in a global, on demand OTT-delivered world? 

Spiraling content costs

Can spiraling content costs be recouped through the current SVOD model? How does it compare with the AVOD model? Is there a new model we haven’t seen yet, that better addresses the need to recoup costs – such as AT&T’s three-tiered streaming service offering? 

Common ott misconceptions

Only 33% of cord-cutters plan to use paid OTT services as a pay-tv substitute. What are the other 68% doing? What other misconceptions are prevalent about streaming services? 


Hyper-local content is becoming a new model in streaming strategies. This presents challenges for everyone from regional sports broadcasters to OTT giants. What does hyper-local mean for OTT, and how could that change the industry? 

Forecast for future

Not everyone will survive. Who will the winners be, and what will the next 5 years look like? 

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