New Facebook Changes will Highlight Business Profiles

April 10, 2014 Tricia Hawkins 0


Committing to change can be a hard thing for businesses to do on social media. It requires time, effort and energy, all of which are already in short supply. Even simple Facebook profile adjustments can be rigorous, but these can also make the difference between increasing sales and remaining stagnant. Facebook has recognized these problems and says it wants to help. If your business social media skills are lacking, don’t worry because Facebook will be unveiling new design changes within the next few weeks that will help businesses get noticed.

Here are a few of the changes and ways your business can prepare:

Update your “About” section

One of the most noticeable changes coming to Facebook will be the new and improved “About” section. New information will soon be displayed on the left-hand column where you would normally have to click the reveal information. The same column will also display reviews & comments about the business, a description of your business, your mission statement and links back to your site which can help drive traffic. It will be of the utmost importance that information displayed here is up to date.

Monitor competing and similar businesses

A fascinating new feature of Facebook’s redesign will let administrators “watch” pages of competitors and similar business to compare the performance of each page. Page “likes,” new page “likes,” number of posts this week and weekly engagement can all be compared. This is a great way to discover what works best for your business and what fuels the success of others. This can be good way to see how they engage with their fans and also be a great way to stay current on industry news.

Don’t worry about daily reach

For too long Facebook has flaunted engagement numbers in our faces making businesses worry about their daily reach. This will soon become a thing of the past. The new layout will include a “This Week” column that will provide information to admins about current ads running, “likes,” post reach and unread notifications or messages. This will ideally help businesses stop thinking about daily reach and focus more on weekly reach.

As Facebook unveils these new business page designs, what aspect of it will help you the most?

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