HappyKids Video Library Grows to Over 55,000 Kids Movies and Shows

September 1, 2020 Kaitlyn Webb 0
 525 Episodes of New Programming from Kidtagious and Millimages Bolster Lego, Mattel and 9Story Hit Shows   [video width="1920" height="1080" mp4="https://bobgoldpr.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/Future-Today-Reel.mp4"][/video]   Future Today, a leader in creating and managing new platforms and...

IAE Chooses NiceLabel’s Label Cloud to Streamline Label Production and Works Order Processes

August 27, 2020 Anabela Savulescu 0
IAE, a leading European manufacturer of livestock handling equipment, equestrian stabling, steel fencing and shelters, has implemented Label Cloud from NiceLabel, a leading global developer of label design software and label management systems.   IAE is using NiceLabel’s cloud-based Label Management System (Label Cloud) to simplify and streamline its labeling and work order documentation production, enabling it in turn to save time and resources. IAE decided to modernize their label management process to make updating this documentation easier, and to ensure it could produce labels in parallel with the documentation.   Jeremy Annable, Business Systems Manager at IAE, said: “We were looking for a solution that could simplify the production process for users to print work in process (WIP) documents and associated labels prior to starting a new works order. It was key to us that the solution could help the user to identify and pick all materials, assemble the product and apply the appropriate labels.”   The fact that IAE was able to get their label management system in the Cloud was a key factor in their system selection process. “We’ve moved quite a few of our systems to the Cloud. The fact that we could have labeling in the Cloud as well gave us a lot more flexibility in terms of integrations and APIs,” Daniel Mycock, IT Manager at IAE states. “When you’re integrating with many sources, this is the better way. Maintenance and software updates are just handled. It makes it a lot easier to manage and is more cost-effective.”   In making the choice, IAE worked with NiceLabel’s partner Cloud Printing Solutions, who introduced them to the NiceLabel team and their Label Cloud solution. NiceLabel’s Professional Services Group (PSG) assisted with the integration part of the project. The PSG team used the NiceLabel Integration system to configure integrations with IAE’s ERP system and AutoCAD. It then used the NiceLabel application builder to rapidly build the printing forms.   With NiceLabel, IAE has been able to move from a home-grown system with manual workarounds to a fully-integrated labeling solution. “Implementing NiceLabel solved a lot of IT problems. We don’t have the security implications we had with the previous system,” comments Annable. “As it stood before, we were at a dead-end. Now we’ve got control over the design of the labels, how we do it and which printer we put them to.” IAE can also make label changes much faster, since they’re done in-house.   NiceLabel also gives IAE the platform they need to plan for the future. Annable explains, “We’ve now got something to grow into. We’ve implemented forward-looking systems that are supported with the necessary controls, and we have all of these systems working together.”   Ken Moir, NiceLabel VP of Marketing said: “It’s great to see the level of flexibility and enhanced operational efficiency that IAE has already been able to achieve with our cloud labeling solution. We are confident that as it scales its business in the future, being able to make use of NiceLabel’s technology platform will prove to be a still more significant benefit than it does today.”     Detailed information on how NiceLabel helped IAE create a fully-integrated labeling solution is available at www.nicelabel.com/iae-case-study/.

Responding to Overwhelming U.S. Demand, Swiss designed Air Purifier Specialist aeris Expands Manufacturing with $3.3 Million Series A Funding

August 24, 2020 Kaitlyn Webb 0
Now Available at QVC, Target and Soon, 600 Best Buy Locations  aeris health, the Swiss leader in commercial and residential air purification systems that are improving health globally, and facing huge demands on its manufacturing as sales have doubled month over month since January, announced the completion of its $3.3 million Series A funding round to meet US demand. The funding, led by Tencent co-founder Vic Lee, Tinder co-founder Justin Mateen, PreAngel, Sarona Ventures, and additional investors, representing investments from the U.S., China, Israel and Switzerland.     aeris develops state-of-the-art, AI-powered air purifiers which learn and adapt to each user's personal habits and the air quality in their home over time by gathering data with proprietary sensor technology. Developed by MIT engineers, aeris’s medical-grade purifiers have been proven to remove at least 99.95% of indoor pollutants down to .1 microns, high clean air delivery rate (CADR), HEPA ratings of 13 and above as well as a sophisticated design.    Unlike most other air purifier companies, aeris is not reliant on third-party purchases, allowing the startup to develop air purifiers that are truly unique in the market, higher quality than competing models, and adapted for specific conditions such as odors and viruses without any loss of suction power, a common issue among conventional HEPA filters.    “The global pandemic has fueled a major shift in consumer awareness and concern over the air we breathe. Demand for clean air has never been higher. And our rapid growth in sales is proof that consumers recognize that not all air purifiers are built the same,” said aeris CEO, Pierre Bi. “With the latest round of funding, we’re now in a position to further capture this enormous opportunity and help consumers across the U.S. and North America protect themselves and their families from airborne pollutants, including coronavirus.”    aeris provides one of the only air purifiers in market today proven to remove feline coronavirus from the air, and are certified by major third-party standards testers, including AHAM and EN1822.     In addition to securing new funding, aeris purifiers will also be available in more than 600 Best Buy stores across the U.S. beginning fall of 2020.     aeris offers four unique products to best suit the needs of each customer, room size and budget:   aair lite:  A small air purifier that can remove 99.95% of the air-borne bacteria, mold, mildew, odor, and other pollutants from any space up to 350 ft².  aair 3-in-1-pro:  Using state-of-the-art technology, the aair 3-in-1 Pro eliminates indoor air pollutants while becoming more efficient and effective over time. For rooms 750 ft² and larger.  aair Medical Pro:  Hospital-grade air filtration that prevents even the most difficult airborne health hazards from affecting users.  aair Gas Pro:  Combining the power of our strongest air purifier and a filter designed with the ability to move odors at a molecular level, the aair Gas Pro will ensure that you never have to worry about distracting or embarrassing odors in your home again.    Since its inception in 2017, aeris has been recognized with two prestigious design awards: the iF Design Award in 2017, and the Red Dot Design Award Winner in 2019.    Ultimately, aeris has plans to expand into markets beyond air purification.  Pierre Bi expanded on this, saying that the company see itself as a “fundamentals of health” company.  This will mean using the design and engineering principles applied to air and expanding it into areas like water, nutrition, and sleep.      “Our vision is to create technology that aids in the long-term health of our customers. 600,000 to 700,000 Americans die early from air pollution every year: we see this as one example of many such hidden, lower-prioritized health concerns that must be urgently addressed, “Bi explained.  “That’s where aeris will come in.”  About aeris:  aeris is a Swiss company dedicated to improving global health through increased access to clean air. After launching its first purifier in China in 2017, the devices instantly became a hit for its ability effectively dealing with China's heavy pollution. Customers soon reported relief from respiratory problems and that they were feeling more energized than they had in years and as a result, global health issues related to air quality soon became aeris' number one priority. By 2018, aeris had expanded into Vietnam, South Korea, Taiwan, France, and Mexico; and, in 2019, the company expanded further to the United States, and is currently available in four different models at retailers such as Target, QVC, Amazon and on the company's website.  For more information, visit https://aerishealth.com/. 

SMPTE Publishes MESA’s Language Metadata Table Standard, Providing Needed Codes For 200+ Languages

August 14, 2020 Kaitlyn Webb 0
  The MESA-championed LMT Provides the First-Ever System of Standardized Language Codes Embraced by the Media and Entertainment Industry   The Society of Motion and Television Engineers (SMPTE), the leading standards governing body for media & entertainment engineering, today announced it has joined with the Media & Entertainment Services Alliance (MESA), a leading community of media technology executives, to co-develop the Language Metadata Table (LMT) standard. This is the first project that SMPTE has undertaken to electronically publish machine-readable metadata as a standard that is expected to be used operationally rather than by application developers. It is expected to significantly streamline media asset management around the globe.   Conceived by WarnerMedia, MESA supports the LMT Working Group as one of its communities of practice. LMT, based on IETF BCP 47 (Internet Engineering Task Force Best Common Practices) guidelines, is the first list of language codes vetted and approved as an industry standard for media and entertainment. It greatly benefits media companies, content owners, video service providers, and others who need standardized distinctions between spoken and written language and consistent codes. Other international standards bodies have created controlled vocabularies; however, they are broadly used, for many purposes. The constraints of the LMT provide a controlled vocabulary for what is needed in the professional media industry.   LMT codes will be used for a plethora of content-oriented applications, such as audio, written and timed text like closed captions and subtitles, accessibility for the visually and hearing impaired, licensing and localizing international content and distributing non-English content.   “Having an authorized system of consistent codes reduces the Tower of Babel and simplifies development work by enabling all parties to work off the same table,” said Yonah Levenson, Manager, Metadata Strategy and Terminology Governance at WarnerMedia and founder for LMT. “SMPTE’s publication of LMT will help everyone manage their media assets by removing cumbersome processes like maintaining mapping tables and having different payloads for different distributors.”   The MESA-organized LMT work group committee of data experts are helping to share and expand the standards table, and have created universally accepted language terms, definitions, examples and templates for over 200 language codes and display values, with more in development. These members include HBO, Turner, Warner Bros, Disney, WWE, NBCUniversal, Paramount, Sony Pictures, Showtime, Lionsgate, Fox, and other organizations.   “We have long regarded the LMT as a critical tool for the future of media and are excited to see it join the ranks of SMPTE’s foremost industry standards,” said Mary Yurkovic, Smart Content Community Builder at MESA. “This brings together the hard work of MESA members, standards groups and top metadata experts, who are tackling all the industry’s nomenclature one classification at a time.”   LMT will be published in SMPTE’s Registration Authority (smpte-ra.org), a highly sanctioned and publicly accessible database with registers of metadata elements, unique identifiers, values and more for the media and entertainment industry.   To ensure the LMT registry keeps evolving, SMPTE will use its public committee draft (public CD) process, which provides open documents that are distributed for review and commented on by industry professionals prior to completion of the full standardization due-process. The LMT programming tools will also be available as opensource code to developers worldwide, and as with any registry SMPTE maintains, the LMT entry will facilitate interoperability.   “SMPTE’s work on LMT is a crucial step in addressing the broad challenges and complexities around sharing data and content in the media and entertainment industry. We are grateful to MESA for choosing SMPTE as a home for this standard,” said Bruce Devlin, VP of SMPTE standards. “Anyone involved in international distribution will greatly improve their media asset management workflows thanks to the new standardized language codes this introduces.”   Aided by MESA, the work group will continue within the rules of SMPTE’s due process to further define and document its policies and procedures, update additional languages and partner with organizations including EIDR, ISDCF, and MovieLabs to strengthen LMT and support broader adoption.   For more information, please visit https://www.mesalliance.org/language-metadata-table   About SMPTE® The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers®, or SMPTE, is defining the future of storytelling. The Society’s mission is to enable the technical framework that allows the global professional community to make media for artistic, educational, and entertainment purposes and to distribute that content for the benefit and enjoyment of people worldwide. As a global volunteer-driven society of technologists, developers, and creatives, SMPTE is engaged in driving the quality and evolution of motion pictures, television, and professional media. The Society sets industry standards that help businesses maximize their markets more cost-effectively, provides relevant education that supports members’ career growth, and fosters an engaged and diverse membership community.   Information on joining SMPTE is available at smpte.org/join.   About MESA Media & Entertainment Services Alliance (MESA) advances new technologies that are enabling the digital transformation of media & entertainment. Focused on three core M&E technologies: data, IT and security, MESA’s 120+ members and content advisors collaborate to advance change management, new workflow solutions and production/supply chain efficiencies. Founded in 2008, MESA’s Content Advisors direct an annual event schedule of over 25 meetings, conferences and summits. MESA creates and curates content for 10 weekly newsletters and their M&E Journal that is published bi-annually. For information visit: www.MESAlliance.org.

Blockchain Pioneer Videocoin Network Launches Significant Partnership, Marketing & Advertising Initiatives, Names Bob Gold & Associates as AOR

July 17, 2020 Anabela Savulescu 0
VideoCoin Network, bringing disruptive innovation through decentralization to video processing, is starting its next chapter following delivery of its commercial release after years of intense development. It is now making major investments into significant multi-pronged partnership, marketing, and advertising initiatives. This includes selecting Bob Gold & Associates as its public relations agency of record.   “VideoCoin Network is now engaging enterprise-grade companies with its pioneering utilization of unused compute resources for business purposes, and in doing so is serving as a major industry ambassador to validate the blockchain-orchestrated model of decentralization,” said Bob Gold, President & CEO, Bob Gold & Associates. “We are thrilled to help VideoCoin Network on two fronts: first, to engage with large and established media and technology companies on proof-of-concept initiatives to develop confidence in the solution and its model. And second, to support marketing and advertising via traditional PR and as one of the first companies in their category to utilize Google AdWords to unearth video service developers and smaller customers who can develop into larger customers.”   “In surveying the landscape for innovation in video platform services, we determined that the VideoCoin Network was employing a revolutionary approach to this massive market with a solution that’s ready to go to market. In fact, it’s the only blockchain business we could find that is using AdWords, which confirmed to us that unlike most projects, VideoCoin Network is serious about engaging real customers and building a real company. This made our wanting to secure the account an easy decision,” Gold added.   Led by famed entrepreneur Halsey Minor, the VideoCoin Network is next-generation innovative infrastructure for the encoding, storage, and distribution of video that powers video services for end users globally. The business competes with centralized providers like AWS but takes advantage of the immense, efficient, and inexpensive power of unused computing capacity available around the world. With Bob Gold & Associates as its PR agency of record to support its partnership, marketing, and advertising efforts, the VideoCoin Network is poised to dramatically expand its visibility and industry engagement.   “It takes time for big companies already doing things one way to risk a new vendor doing things another way even if the new way is better. When we started salesforce.com virtually no companies were willing to risk uploading customer data into a website. We needed to prove we were reliable, innovative and cheaper. It was very hard work, but today Salesforce.com is a $175 billion company. Today is just the same. I  now know the better model always succeeds,” said Halsey Minor, CEO of Live Planet, implementation partner for the VideoCoin Network. “Bob Gold and his team are highly experienced and well known in the video tech industry, and we are counting on them to help tell a great story about the VideoCoin Network and its technology.”   The VideoCoin Network launched commercially in May 2020, following a series of new product features and enhancements. This includes the recent launch of VideoCoin Network’s “Innovators Program” and participation by iNDEMAND, which distributes premium VOD & PPV entertainment to more than 150 North American TV operators and 55 million homes.  

Keepster Launches Its Customized & Personalized Storybook with Pr Mavens, Bob Gold & Associates

July 16, 2020 Kaitlyn Webb 0
Users Keep Their Communications Private While Transforming Texts and App Messages Into Treasured Keepsake Memory Books   Keepster, a fast-growing start-up transforming text messages into custom books of cherished memories, has selected Bob Gold & Associates, a nationally recognized boutique public relations and marketing agency, as its agency of record.   “Bob Gold & Associates brings more than just 20 years of experience to the table. Their industry expertise, close-knit relationships and innovative approach to PR and marketing make them an invaluable addition to our team,” said Jennifer Simchowitz, CEO & Founder, Keepster. “We wholeheartedly are counting on the agency to help tell a great story about what we are doing and its unique value.”   Ubiquitous text messaging has evolved into the primary form of communication for almost everyone as a preferred way to “talk.” It is one of the most underappreciated tools keeping us connected. Celebrities like Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lopez have utilized texting to expand their avenues of engagement with followers, inviting people to text them via a fan-dedicated phone number. Schumer occasionally even showcases screenshots of text conversations with fans across her social platforms. She even proposed to her future husband by text.   "Keepster is the next Shutterfly-like app for text messages, allowing favorite messages and photos to also be turned into printed books. Best of all it allows anyone to keep their messaging conversations backed up, private and off the cloud where nothing is sacred or secret. We believe this company is a game-changer," said Bob Gold, President & CEO, Bob Gold & Associates. "No one else offers an app that easily creates a way to preserve their meaningful and nostalgic messages. Particularly in these times, it feels ever more crucial to stay digitally connected with loved ones while keeping our social distance.”   With its proven track record of launching media and technology startups, the agency will help support Keepster’s first-of-its-kind solution to securely save, search and organize text messages, chats, photos and memories in one place on a user’s personal computer. The free software for MAC or Windows computers is compatible with any iOS device, as well as five of the most popular messaging platforms in the world: iMessage/SMS, WhatsApp, Hike, Line and Viber.   With more than 580 billion text messages sent daily around the globe, Keepster recognizes that privacy and data security are of the utmost concern for consumers, especially when it comes to backing up text and app messaging data in the cloud. Keepster facilitates the privatization of backing up messaging data as password-protected files to a personal computer or device. By doing so, Keepster eliminates the security and privacy concerns from cloud service providers who can scrub and sell consumer data.   Moreover, what customers value most are Keepster Books, a brand-new kind of personalized storybook that combines cherished messages and photos into a tangible keepsake. Customizable and professionally printed and bound, Keepster’s books are the perfect way to commemorate cherished memories, relationships, special occasions, or simply capture the words of a loved one.   About Bob Gold & Associates   Founded in 1997 by Cable TV Pioneer and Public Relations Society of America (PRSA LA) 2019 Communications Professional of the Year, Bob Gold has created an agency that specializes in the space where technology meets entertainment and enterprise utility. Since its founding, the company has launched or grown more than 18 TV sports networks, numerous streaming services, and nearly every major cable TV operator and association in the United States.  A co-founder of a leading international association of independently owned hi-tech PR agencies, WIN PR Group, BG&A can provide its clients with immediate international resources for a one-time project or on-going campaign with consistent pricing and centralized PR management.  The company provides guaranteed predicted results and outcomes in its contracts. A unique offering for any agency. For more information, please visit www.bobgoldpr.com.   About Keepster Keepster is a software program where you can save your messages securely, as well as search and organize favorite messages into folders, making the messages that matter always easily accessible. You can also use the app to turn selected messages and photos into one-of-a-kind professionally bound and printed books. Whether you wish to give your special someone the history of your love shared in your texts, or create a book celebrating important occasions or relationships such as weddings, births, anniversaries, and friendships.   For more information, please visit https://keepster.co  

Black Empowerment Thru Music, a New Initiative, is Launched by The Royalty Network

July 1, 2020 Kaitlyn Webb 0
New Program to Provide Opportunity and Connect the Music Industry thru Education, Access and Resources with Emerging Black Artists and Vanguard Leaders Dead Prez, Darien Bankhead (Boyband), Laze Elliott, Attorney Kendall Minter and Others to Serve as Advisory Council Members The Royalty Network, one of the country’s most esteemed independent music publishing companies representing over 700,000 compositions, today launched the Black Empowerment Thru Music initiative, a new program focused on empowering Black communities by connecting emerging musicians, producers and songwriters with leaders across all aspects of the music industry.   The Royalty Network is pledging to undertake a multi-faceted and proactive effort to help aspiring young black artists, songwriters, and entrepreneurs, establish successful careers in the music industry, and is inviting professional and established musicians, artists, attorneys, songwriters and others to do the same. The activities range from free Los Angeles studio time to financial support for designated organizations, matching grants, donation of instruments to schools, mentoring and much more.   “We, at the Royalty Network, hope to create a sustainable program to empower future generations of musicians and business leaders, while fostering inclusivity throughout the music industry and communities around the world,” said Frank Liwall, president of The Royalty Network. “For more than 26 years, we’ve held an unwavering commitment to racial equality and are ready to do our part to turn words – and music – into action. Together we can provide a leveled playing field for the Black community.”   Industry leaders have stepped up to serve on the Black Empowerment Thru Music Advisory Council. They include artists stic & M-1 (dead prez), producer Darien Bankhead (Boyband), entrepreneur and music executive Laze Elliott, renowned entertainment attorney Kendall Minter, Harmony Program founder & executive director Anne Fitzgibbon, and others.     “Black people’s contributions have long been exploited for the benefit and success of the music business, but yet we often are the least and the last to benefit in the music business,” said stic of dead prez. “It's important that The Royalty Network’s Black Empowerment Thru Music Initiative not only recognize this important truth but also do its part to address and impact the inequities that still exist.”   “As a community organizer and artivist, I am happy to be included on the Advisory Council for The Royalty Network Black Empowerment Thru Music Initiative,” added Mutulu “M-1” Olugbala of dead prez. “It is important to me that we use this platform to take practical steps that are also impactful.  I intend to facilitate change by connecting emerging Black artists with songwriters and producers who can help them find their inner strength and calm and ultimately a clear and resonant voice for our community.”    The Royalty Network pledge includes:   Establishing new relationships with, and continuing to support organizations that provide Black students with free music education Donating musical instruments to schools and music programs serving underprivileged communities Providing webinars, as well as one-on-one mentorship and access to industry veterans for students and aspiring professionals entering the music industry Dedicating time each month for Black student artists to have free recording studio access at The Royalty Network’s Burbank studio Designate a quarterly “match” period, matching dollar for dollar the overall monetary contributions of its clients and contribute to a designated program in need Prioritize Black student candidates for paid internships Actively recruit qualified Black candidates for full-time positions   "To make the changes we'd like to see in the world, we simply have to act on them ourselves,” said Darien Bankhead (Boyband). “Frank and The Royalty Network recognize the equality issues for the Black community and I'm happy to aid them in their efforts in extending opportunities to us. It's important that we stay active in efforts to assure that traits such as race don't continue hindering Black artists' success."   Civil rights and legal advocacy groups benefiting from The Royalty Network generosity include Black Lives Matter, the Mass Defense Fund of the National Lawyers Guild and the NAACP Empowerment Program.   Additionally, The Royalty Network will continue to support programs including After School Rocks, Harmony Program, and others through donations, scholarships and volunteering time to work hands-on with students.   “Frank Liwall is the very definition of integrity. I’m confident that, like everything Frank sets out to do, this Black Empowerment Thru Music Initiative will succeed and be a model for empowering the music community to build a world free of racial inequality,” said Daniel Powers, Founder, After School Rocks. “Frank and I both know that the secret of living is giving, and I’m honored to join with The Royalty Network in building awareness and supporting Frank’s efforts to work for lasting change.”   For more information about the Black Empowerment Thru Music initiative and to volunteer, please visit https://blackempowerment.roynet.com/. About The Royalty Network, Inc. The Royalty Network is one of the country’s most esteemed independent music publishing companies representing over 700,000 compositions. The company has been increasing its client roster dramatically from year to year, boasting a perpetually growing catalog of some of the most prolific songwriters, producers and artists across a multitude of genres. This includes a hit parade on albums from the likes of Beyoncé, Lil Wayne, Ed Sheeran, Ariana Grande, Burt Bacharach, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Eminem, and many others, and film, TV, and ad placements such as Target, BMW, Chevrolet, Gillette, "Black Panther", "Creed 2", “The Fate of The Furious", "American Idol", "Dancing With The Stars", and many more.

NiceLabel Introduces New Cloud-based Business Model for Channel During COVID-19 Era and Beyond

June 17, 2020 Anabela Savulescu 0
Empowers resellers to keep customers operating remotely and securely   NiceLabel, a leading global developer of label design software and label management systems, is introducing a new cloud-based business model that will enable its partners to deliver labeling solutions-as-a-service securely and remotely in the pandemic and beyond. The new NiceLabel channel offering is based around Label Cloud, the world’s first multi-tenant labeling software-as-a-service. The cloud-based labeling solution acts as a virtual collaboration tool for labeling, enabling NiceLabel’s reseller partners to demonstrate, sell and configure labeling solutions for customers, remotely from their home.   Resellers can manage the whole process remotely and securely for customers from running live demos through to designing and test printing label templates, deploying solutions, printing labels and managing supplies inventory. This new approach to selling and supporting labeling turns remote working from a barrier to a competitive advantage for customers.        Paul Vogt, channel marketing director: “Before the pandemic, most resellers in the labeling space primarily used a face-to-face business model to sell and support their labeling solutions. Today, that’s all changed. Resellers have to connect virtually from their home with customers in their home. They will need to collaborate, interact and discuss with their customers without being on site. That’s why we have introduced this new channel offering.”       “It represents a step change for resellers and customers because for many of them, it represents a whole new way of working,” added Vogt. “Yet, it is one that is both necessary in the current lockdown and beneficial to resellers who can continue to engage and sell efficiently and quickly to customers all through the crisis and beyond.”   “We want to get the message out that whether our customers require on-premise or cloud labeling solutions, NiceLabel can still meet their needs,” continued Vogt. “Before the pandemic, you didn’t necessarily need cloud for labeling, but now, in light of the current crisis, it is increasingly becoming a must-have solution.”   NiceLabel’s labeling software is intuitive and easy-to-use. Resellers can therefore get up and running with it very quickly. NiceLabel’s cloud-based labeling solution is available on a subscription payment model, which covers platform maintenance and upgrades, and is counted as an operating expense instead of a capital expense. Payment by subscription gives businesses faster time to value – so they achieve payback more quickly.   For more information, please sign up to NiceLabel’s upcoming webinar on June 30, 2020: https://www.nicelabel.com/us/webinar-label-cloud

83% of Local Businesses Have Revamped Their Marketing Strategy In Light Of Pandemic, Viamedia Study Finds

June 17, 2020 Anabela Savulescu 0
New Research Reveals New Opportunities for Local US Business Owners to Renew Advertising   Despite the economic downturn wrought by COVID-19, over 75% of local US businesses have remained open during the pandemic -- with many  looking to adopt effective, fresh marketing and advertising strategies, according to a recent study by Viamedia, the television industry’s largest independent local cross media management company.Based off US responses of Viamedia small business customers and local agencies nationwide, the results indicate a clear drive by businesses to adapt rather than settle: 83% of companies have changed their marketing tactics in response to the pandemic; 46% are offering incentives and promotions to drive sales and continue operations during this time. Viamedia’s in-depth research study, ‘How Can We Help Through the Pandemic,’ received survey results from a statistically relevant sample of business owners across the US, with 59% of responses coming from local business owners and 29% from advertising agencies on behalf of businesses. The survey was conducted between May 15 and May 27, 2020, as a means of investigating challenges facing businesses and producing data that could provide a critical roadmap of demand by local advertisers.“Local businesses are the backbone of the American economy, so it was important that we had deep insight into their struggles, hopes and concerns, “said Becky Jones, Chief Marketing and People Officer at Viamedia. “During this pivotal time, Viamedia can help utilize its digital and cable TV advertising pathways by leveraging the critical data from this survey to help businesses connect with their local communities—now and beyond the crisis. Hopefully the insights provided by the findings can help businesses and agencies alike in formulating actionable strategies for a post-pandemic environment.”Many respondents remained optimistic about the “post pandemic” future; the report uncovered three common trends shaping local businesses’ marketing plans: Stability: 36% felt their business would be the same as it was pre-pandemic; 9% planned to expand while 10% planned to push more business online in lieu of in-person transactions. Continued Investment in Marketing: In a promising trend, 40% of respondents--from various industries including auto, furniture, healthcare, non-profits, retail, real estate, and entertainment among others—reported an annual marketing budget of at least $75,000 -- 39% of which was allocated to advertising. Intent to Advertise: In another optimistic sign, business owners indicated a continued need for advertising, with 45% looking for creative incentives for advertising, and 28% wanting tips and insights to improve the effectiveness of their marketing. “The survey results clearly indicate that the prospects for advertising can be strong despite some conventional wisdom,” Jones added. “For many respondents, the need to power through the pandemic far outweighs the anxiety. And as we’ve experienced in the past, businesses that take the courageous path to advertise during a crisis often find great success on the other end. As Viamedia continues to bridge the gap between linear and digital advertising, we can provide local business owners key placements that will help them revitalize the economy one business and one community at a time.”

Cable Center Adapts Intrapreneurship Academy to Accommodate Remote Workforce

June 17, 2020 Roxanne Leone 0
Leading career development program embraces virtual format Denver — We are excited to announce that The Cable Center has launched virtual IA for IA Class 8, which begins on June 23, 2020. Virtual IA enables and empowers participants to “Innovate from Anywhere” through interactive remote learning.   IA is one of the industry’s leading career development and educational programs. In this unique 8-week course, participants learn and apply the process of innovation while advancing a real-world project within their companies.   A central tenet of IA is that innovation thrives within constraints. In these times of uncertainty, it is more important than ever for workforces to possess the skills to quickly adapt to changing circumstances.   “IA itself is innovating and adapting to the changing business environment. For Class 8, and potentially future classes, we made the decision to move IA to a virtual-only format to enhance its accessibility while ensuring the safety of our participants,” said Janice Silver, VP of programs and marketing at The Cable Center. “We have extensive experience engaging our participants over Zoom and Slack during the remote portion of IA. We believe we can preserve the value of live instruction, peer-to-peer collaboration, and applied learning as we expand the virtual portions to include the kick-off and capstone.”   With virtual IA, participants from across the globe can experience this groundbreaking program together, even though physically apart. “We are proud to make this development opportunity fully accessible, streamlined, and safe by employing the innovation that IA embodies,” added Jana Henthorn, Cable Center CEO and president. “These are unprecedented times and we are all in(novating through) this together.”   To learn more about the Intrapreneurship Academy visit The Cable Center's website.
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