Survey Shows That Download-To-Go Drives Loyalty for Streaming Services

May 23, 2017 Chris Huppertz
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Penthera, creator of industry-leading download-to-go (D2G) software for streaming video services, recently surveyed U.S. consumers, ages 18-44, to measure the awareness, usage and value of D2G.   Results from the survey confirm that consumers see D2G as a valuable enhancement to streaming services.  Among the findings:

  • More than one-third of 1,000 respondents reported that availability of D2G would make them more likely to subscribe and/or less likely to cancel a streaming video service.
  • 56% reported that they used the feature at least once in the last year, with more than half of that segment using it daily, weekly or monthly. (By comparison, 76% streamed video in the last year).
  • Usage of D2G is rising as more services offer it, but the industry needs to do more to communicate its availability. For example, one-third of the 700 Netflix subscribers who completed the survey either thought that Netflix didn’t offer D2G or didn’t know, even though Netflix has offered D2G since November 2016.  Other services, some of which have been offering D2G even longer, had similar results.
  • When asked to list advantages of D2G, half listed the ability to watch without an Internet connection.

“It is obvious that download-to-go enhances the consumer experience, and the survey results show that consumers will reward streaming services that offer it with more subscriptions and decreased churn,” said Dan Taitz, Penthera’s COO.  He added, “Download-to-go usage we see today is impressive given it has only recently become a standard feature of leading streaming video services and it is poised to grow as more video services add and market the feature.”

Michael Willner, Penthera’s CEO, remarked, “The quickening pace of our company’s growth confirms the survey’s conclusion — download-to-go is a high-value proposition for streaming video services.  The importance of download-to-go will grow along with the expansion of smartphone penetration and mobile video consumption.  Every year, more consumers watch more video on mobile devices, and every year the quality and quantity of both the devices and the video improves.  These trends place enormous stress on the Internet and create challenges for the streaming video industry and its costumers.  Download-to-go helps address those challenges.”

Penthera offers Cache&Carry™, the  fastest, most reliable D2G solution.  It is readily added to any streaming video app and comes with Penthera’s responsive maintenance and support that ensures optimal performance as technologies change (e.g., upgrades to operating systems and new devices).  With Penthera’s feature-rich, patented solution, downloads complete quickly even when a device is locked; business rules are uniformly enforced; and push-capability turns any mobile device into a robust mobile DVR.  Cache&Carry™ also offers FastPlay™, a buffer-free video launcher that starts streaming the moment play is pressed, without the start-up delay that can cause buffer rage.


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