Why the Holy *&^% Do You Need PR?

September 26, 2018 Roxanne Leone 0
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By Bob Gold

Did I get your attention with the censored title? Turns out book publishers lately add all kinds of rude words to make their titles more attention grabbing and sell more books. This is a trend. And when it comes to how we talk about ourselves, we’d best be in touch with the latest trends.


In today’s tech world, it appears the priority is all about the speed of innovation and how we move content safely, effectively, efficiently and securely. But if no one knows about your solution, how will they purchase and use it? In such a world of amazing tech innovation, talk about the role of PR in technology feels a bit like the “Man Bites Dog” headline, since our inclination is really to talk about how technology affects the role of communications. But if we don’t control the story of what we do and what we make, the story will control us. And really


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