At the end of every day, we truly only have one valuable asset – our reputation.

Unlike other reputation management and repair companies we strive for sustained results that can be measured. We work quickly and efficiently to get you the results you need.

Our monthly SERP reports will show how we dramatically change the search results in the first three pages of a Google search through dedicated, legitimate new content generation.

Whether you are establishing your reputation or repairing a negative one, we have the experience and expertise to take on the challenge. Reputation management goes hand in hand with search engine optimization (SEO) and pushing down negative stories about your company or executives from the top pages of online web searches.

Reputation is a fundamental quality of every organization – what stakeholders believe about it, expect from it and say about it to others. Bob Gold & Associates has the experience and expertise to significantly improve your online reputation. Managing one’s reputation in this digital revolution environment requires companies to respond adeptly to a many potentially dangerous issues and disruptions while staying focused on their long-term growth and market goals.