First 100 Days: Artists Respond To The Donald Trump Presidency

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Creative Community Counts On Bob Gold & Associates to Help Launch National Inclusive Political Arts Showcase

LOS ANGELES February 8, 2016 – In answer to the burning question, “How does the art world respond to Trump’s presidency,” The First 100 Days: Artists Respond, a community-based art event, will feature reactions to the Trump presidency from both sides of the spectrum. To help in its mission, the Houston-based organization has selected Bob Gold & Associates, a nationally recognized boutique public relations agency, to help launch its professional, juried art exhibit soliciting all political perspectives and opinions on the first 100 days.

“It takes art to make sense of our world. When seismic events happen such as the recently concluded and very divisive election, artists must respond,” said Matt Adams, the exhibit organizer. “Bob Gold & Associates will help us get out the word to artists that there is a formal, professional showcase for their work.”

This is an invitation for artists across the country to organize any kind of art event such as an exhibit, performance, or reading on Trump’s 100th day in office – April 29. The website, will be regularly updated with cities and galleries as their local events are planned.  Houston, for example, is coordinating a professional, juried art exhibit, which will run through May 27.

“Artists are already applying their skills to the national conversation around this presidency. This is the first coordinated, juried exhibit that will let those artists’ voices be seen and heard in one place, a top-tier showcase for their visualizations of the issues confronting this country. Perhaps, through art, different factions can find understanding and community,” said Bob Gold, president and CEO of Bob Gold & Associates. 

This is a community-based project with no profit sought. Corporate donors are being solicited, but any excess funds collected will be donated to the American Civil Liberties Union.

For more about the exhibit, visit or the exhibit’s Facebook page.

For more about Bob Gold & Associates visit


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